Santo Stefano reflecting its flaming night lights on the port docks waters, Argentario promontory, Tuscany.

House on the edge

An old building lost in the country. Long time ago it was the home for the toolbooth guard; when small roads crossed the rail, and there was someone watching and closing the security bars. Living on the edge of velocity.

Water gleams

When you wake up on the beach with hot temperature and then you stare at the sand grains, and the sun blinds you. And everything turns blu.

Best sunset of the year 2015

That's what I thought in front of it, at Fiumara beach, Tuscany. Every year it happens a single day only; when I feel the perfect day. Sharp contrasts, reflective and diffuse light, infinite far distance cue. When the clouds are shaped like a brush curl and the islands looks so close like flying...

Waves of light

This small window full of sunlight opens to the sea from a spanish watchtower on Forte Stella, Argentario, Italy.

Sunset at the river

Bocca d'Ombrone, the river mouth flowing into Tyrrenian Sea. Taken in the sunset at the Natural Park of Maremma Tuscany, right after this shot.

Wham Mobile in Concert

Animated gif shot during the concert of Wham Mobile. Sorry for the lack of audio because their folk music it's quite fabulous indeed!

Band beyond

This animated photo gif was taken in Saturnia, Tuscany, middle Italy. The show was much more interesting from behind the stage.

Venetian refraction

Sun light passing throught the rooftops in Venice, bouncing under the bridge and refracting. Shot a photo and thought it was much better to capture the armonic movements of the light rays too. Here the infinite loop result.

PuntaAla: CapeWing

PuntaAla, with the typical shark fin shape rock is the best viewpoint to Elba Island. Some days ago, right after a storm I shot this photo (see my photographyc blog) and a 10sec. video I used to make this animated photo gif. Take a look at my animated photo gifs album

The third moulin

Moulin Rouge in Pigalle, Paris is only one of the three mulins between Montmartre and La Butte. This is my animated shot transformed in a beautiful gif. Colors are saturated and tweaked.

Ever burning coffee

I recently celebrated coffee with the cgi illustration Coffee hardwork e in the photo shot coffè and bonsai on my photographic blog. This time it's the turn of this animated gif. An Early cold afternoon while waiting to get back to work...

Grain Harvesting

My last Nikon D800 photocamera can get hd video. Recording it's a dream I had for years at the resolution of a film movie. But still it's so different making a movie and shooting photos, and I'm a photographer, I can't lose the concentration on the shot. So, last time - at the feast of...

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