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Blender infographic poster as previously announced, is evolving: not only shortcuts but an entire mind map with the blender knowledge.

Many of you are already scared by complexity, others are suggesting to add a lot more shortcuts: but my goal is not to simply list EVERYTHING. I just want to map as much as I can choosing the most useful functions and killer tips.

This new version (1.56) adds more colors, more connections, more icons, more tips. Sizes are much more differentiated, so you can recognize the priority of things. Some people says this is the proof of how difficult is Blender UI to use. I totally disagree with that: go on, over the learning curve limit and you'll discover how usable, versatile and fast Blender is: "With great power comes..." ...great commitment. But you will be rewarded.

Take a look at the last Learn Blender with a Poster update. More will come, this is an on going work, evolving with the software. This version has also been included on the "Learn with a Poster" infographics online store: if you love it you can get a full vector file of the poster in digital download, at the cost of a beer.

Good work, with Blender.

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