Learn with a Poster

You asked so much for the 2.8 update. And maybe even more you demanded for a landscape version of this map.

I really rushed to obtain the first update of the poster for blender 2.8 before mid summer. Here it is, so let's see what are the best improvements, more than... it's for 2.8!

  1. All the most important updated functions and keys for 2.8
  2. Horizontal landscape format.
  3. Workspaces, modes and sections are grouped and outlined with icons. Better than normal borders.
  4. Light and material properties: A comprensive visual list of the basic physical reactions of light on materials. Naming and recognizing them is important to reproduce their settings. This is only the beginning: this section will expand including connections with node names, and shaders.
  5. Bigger! Free raster has a huge resolution, much bigger than before. And this is also because the board map it's getting more and more tips, notes, layers and details. I suggest you to print in A2 or, even better in A1.

Download the Blender infographic map!


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