Learn with a Poster

New update for Blender Poster, following the latest 2.82 release. Finally I found time to update the infographic, collateral consequeces of the damned Covid-19 emergency.

You'll find graphic improvements and some useful shortcutes/notes added.

For example I discovered the awesome "viewport render" which allow to export the render of any view without setting any camera. Very useful especially working with Eevee or 2d drawing mode. I really needed it for a while, and I'm not sure since when appered in Blender.

Another awesome feature is the backspace shortcut which allow to reset any input field or option to its default value. It's so handy when you mess up things and not sure the default setting. Automerge vertices is another feature in edit mode I don't need to forget when modeling.

And so it is the alt-D vertex duplication: don't forget the new vertex is added following the edge direction relative to the mouse cursor position! This technique really helps is cleaning and fixing the mesh topology.

Download the latest version, and Happy blending.

Hopefully the coronavirus quarantine will end as soon as possible.

 Download the Blender infographic map

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