desk of toys

A whole desk scenery full of toys. This was made for a website visual brand. The executive work is a variation of this, a bit less dirty and more formal.

It may seem a kid desk, but the reality is that there are a bunch of references, some personal real old memories and some strange pieces not exactly taken from childish life. Some pieces are real: the fuel gas station signboard is at the studio, an interior decoration souvenir taken by a co-worker, same for the industrial lamps in the yellow variation and the wooden architectural diorama. The tank was a model made for the "Tomb of the sphinxes" book cover illustration. And, there are references from Breaking Bad and Star Wars.

My first photographic experiences were something similar to this process. When I was a kid I used to spend time fitting out still-lifes similar to this one, sometimes filling half or even the entire room, assembling objects with a relation: chromatics, theme, use. The result was a thematic visual scenery with a specific sense of meaning. Even without any photographic purpose, it was a creative game, like a treasure hunting for the right object in the right place.

The final rendering artwork is a 22.1 megapixels image: I love to keep the process very close to my photographic habits. The final post production is also refined with Lightroom.

Some tut key words about this work: rail-array, retro textures, raking light, recycling, dirty layer.


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