La pedrera and the stormtrooper
La pedrera and the stormtrooper

When I visited the incredible rooftop of Gaudi's "La Pedrera" in Barcellona, I met a familiar iconic character from Star Wars. Or, better saying, what I considered just a coincidence in similarity between the design of the chimneys and the stormtrooper helmet. Guess what? It came out the stormtrooper design was "officially" inspired by the Gaudi's incredible shapes.

And it's easy to believe: they're standing in line in military formation guarding a scenery that really looks like the cloud city of Bespin.

My rendering celebrates two pieces of design I always admired, especially now that I know the stormtroopers are born from the Gaudi's pencil, after all. They are admired examples of different design purposes, from architecture to cinema. And right now I'm recalling that another Gaudi's masterpiece, "Casa Battlò" was probably the main organic style inspiration for H.R. Giger's "Alien".

If you love design you can't miss the Gaudi's architectures, especially inside. His ways of representing nature and mixing decorations and usability solutions are unique. This video shows the most famous nature inspirations for Casa Battlò.

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