"Left arm of a protocol droid" it's the second amber fossil experiment after the amber galleon. This time the cristal rock keeps inside two iconic pieces of cinema. Two famous references crossing two stories to which I am very attached. A composite CGI illustration which tries to answer "Where is C3PO's left arm?". And it's quite an old idea: the prototipe is almost 10 years old, I modeled the figure with clay and it's still on my shelves.

The subject is a fusion of references from Indy and StarWars movies. When in the last movie I saw the C3PO's left arm missing, I had an insight: I knew where it was and why it was missing. It's some kind of a crossing, between the science fiction and the search of the holy grail. And then golden metal shields and terracotta were two interesting materials to combine!

The image in full resolution is a huge 12Mpixels picture file. Because I'm a photographer and I feel the need to work with really high definition. So I can work postproduction with photographic tools like Camera Raw or Lightroom. CGI or analog photography, the end result should be the same.

Below the gallery with the full shot, some details, and the piece outside the cristal.




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