Roman ionic capital illustration
Roman sculpt workshop

In this ancient Roman workshop stillife, eggs and pomegranates left by the artist on this temporarily marble desk are not coincidental. Popular groceries in ancient times, they were used as inspirational architectural elements on capitals decorations, wall paintings and mosaics. For example at Primaporta, Villa of Livia, in Rome. Together with palms, plants and acanthus.

This type of ionic order is very similar to the one at the Erechtheion, on the Athens acropolis, an important source of inspiration for the entire Roman architecture.

And yes, pomegranate are also my favourite fruit. This illustration is a study on settings and lights in a 3d environment. Digitally sculpted and modeled starting from the raw block of wireframe of Blender 3d.

I started to model this ionic roman capital following my other project "Learn with a Poster", where I will resume all the Roman architecture knowledge in a single poster infographic. I drew some note sketches from roman architecture Yale course which will be precious.

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