etruscan basket engraving
Ficoroni etruscan basket detail

Cesta Ficoroni, named after its discoverer is an extraordinary archaeologic piece, found in Palestrina. It 'a bronze basket jewellery case with a fine chiselled engraving of the IV century B.C. It is considered the best preserved piece of art of the Etruscan period. When Etruscan were merging with the latins. It's a beautiful example of orientalizing style with classic themes from Greek mythology, like the myth of the Argonauts.

I drew this illustration for a book, representing the two-dimensional decoration perimeter merged in composition with the case representation. The woodcut print technique on paper is an evolution of the bronze chiselled engraving, with a difference of 2400 years.

In this image a detail of the full illustration, the lid with Dionisio in the center and two satyrs for handles.

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