bonsai map infographic

A giant poster for a small tree. All the knowledge, tips and philosophy in growing a Bonsai tree. A condensed resource with all the most useful tips and tricks of the discipline.

A long work of design, driven by love for nature and trees; the result of years of personal notes, experience on the field, botanic studies, hand drawing sketches and illustrations.

Like the others "Learn with a poster" works, this is an ever-ongoing work. You will then see fixes, updates and improvements on the same map, across time.

The JPG high resolution image on the left is free for you. It's readable and quite good to print. But if you really love this bonsai poster you can obtain the high res full size version (70x100cm, 27.56 x 39.37 inches).



Topics of the bonsai poster

The poster contains all the subjects, theory and rules to grow a bonsai tree: meaning, philosophy, techniques, maintenance, seasons, tools, soil.

Origin of the Bonsai discipline, meaning and philosophy, historic references, "Kazari" aesthetic rules, relationship with man and nature, tools, pruning techniques, maintenance, seasonal calendar, soil composition and basic elements, fertilization, watering, styles, symbolic references, and much more...


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