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All the sailing theory on a single poster infographic. Hand drawn elements and line traced 3d object. Vector graphic + raster map overlay.

Read the post about this work. Full poster is available on "Learn with a Poster".

So much work and passion, with, to assemble this board that collects all the sailing theory in a single poster infographic. Things to know for those who are used to or approach to set sail. A months' work searching and assembling concepts into this graphic artwork; a map that must be both useful and beautiful.

As in previous works, such as the infographic for blender 3d, the purpose is to represent as much as possible in a single sheet: it is a strategy I'm used to, in study, notes and work. It's about mental maps, allowing to resume and optimize information  in a better way.

If everything is resumed in a single sheet map, it is much easier to memorize. It's like we recovered all the notes of an entire sailing course: the scribbles drew on the sand or on the sun-peeled blackboards at the sailing school.

The rose and the cardinal points, the names of the winds and their origin, points of sail and rigging of the sailing boat, sea directions, strategies, calulating the miles, longitude and latitude, right of ways, regatta paths, scales of measurement of winds and sea, sail nomenclature and terms, knotes and their uses, types of hulls and sails, lawa, history of rum and Jolly Roger, nautical code, orientation by the stars, sextant and more.

A preliminary version of this infographic was used last November to make the Mantellassi Maestrale wine label. The poster was made with mixed art techniques: hand drawn elements, 3d models, vector paths. Retro fonts for the sectors and technical font for didactic notes, always chosen from a vintage font collection. The final work is an entirely original vector with an antiqued paper overlay to make it rough, like a map. Here are some details of the graphics

The infographic was created for and with the advice of, nautical services and sailing school. On their website you can find a free italian version at higher resolution. The poster is also available in its original format (70x100cm 300dpi) on the store "Learn with a Poster".

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Log history updates

Last update 18/07/2022, July 22 edition: wind, sea and weather section redesigned: from left to right manoveurs, wind strength and height of waves are interconnected and more readable. Clouds have been redrawn. In the knots sections, the sailor knife with its tools. Lighthouse has been redrawn too, with som historical references.

18/03/2021 America's cup edition! Forza Luna Rossa. America's cup and Auld mug history. AC75 yacht model added to the body part, with secrets and nomenclature. Ship in the bottle tips instructons added. Restyled Eolo guardian of winds and added references to its mythology. Other minor nomenclatures added.

13/01/2019, January 2019 revision Major update!  Eolo god of winds added to the sailing rose. Wind forces and strenght categorization added. Yacht and sails redesigned, sail yacht centered after the wind rose, surrounded with the sails set; added Genoa sail and storm sail; fluid streams and sail settings. Some nomenclature added. Knots section completely redesigned: "all the knots on a single rope"! More stylish, more decorative, composing the bottom frame of the map; added my favourite knot: the monkey fist. Polynesian "sticks and shells" map added, as an historical cartographic reference. Added auric sail to the dinghy.

12/08/2018: lineart illustrations refined and detailed. Nomenclature of sailship trees and sails. "layline" on the race route. Pitch and roll added on the "sailing rose". Fixed some terms in "point of sails". Legend and layout  restyled.

04/12/2016: Roman Galea ship added in the sailing timeline, block added to the figure eight knot, rope illustration improved along the frame, few terms added.

15/09/2016: added induced and apparent winds into the Sailing Rose; some typography tweaks.

28/08/2016: added terms, dinghy boat, legenda updated, drawings over the margins.

15/08/2016: added terms and anchor type bruce.

08/08/2016: added notions about the weather and clouds, anchor parts, english translation!


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