Experimented some modeling for a game mod. This CGI diorama represent "Los Pollos Hermanos", the Gus Fring's franchising restaurant from Breaking Bad. When I modeled the low poly resolution for the game engine I really wanted to render it with a better quality and here there are both the renderings and the ingame screenshots.

Update: I modeled and added Walter White's house. Pizza on the rooftop included, and "Lily of the Valley" flower pot in the backyard.

It was quite an interesting exercise in optimizing polygons, uv mappings and textures.

You can download the "Cities Skylines" game asset. It's a 2x2 level 1 commercial lot. Walter White car it's not present, the beige one you see in the screen it was fortuitous (and fun to see).

This mod is free. Every names related to Breaking Bad and Los Pollos Hermanos are property of AMC.
Download also available on the Steam workshop and Simtropolis

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