I'm quite enthusiastic about "Learn Blender3d with a poster" Infographic map getting viral. Hundreds of resharings, comments, hints, articles, forum discussions, newsletters; feedbacks from everywhere. Thanks to all, you gave me many suggestions and tips about it. I'm so glad my work was considered so important. I've been contacted by students, artists, teachers, architects, graphic designers, engeneers, gamers, modelers, editors. Everyone so grateful just because I made and shared this piece of paper.
Yes it took an amount of hours to make it but for me it was already not a lost time. It was precious as a mind-map, like a treasure map to collect and preserve my know-how in Blender3d. A way to catalogue and sculpt functions tips and techniques in my graphic-brain.

Yes, infographics are viral. Especially when are not only pleasant to see but useful and filled with well organized content. The goal for this one was trying to resume all the Blender knowledge in a single sight. Visually grouping together commands and interface shortcuts. Blender3d is not an easy modeling program to get used to. And that's why I think this work was so appreciated.

I'm already planning updates and new infographic tables, so follow me for updates.

Again thanks and continue to share.
Good work and Happy Blending.

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