sailing notes illustration detail
Sailing notes illustration detail

After the success of the Blender infographic I'm working on another poster infographic illustration. The idea is the same: resuming "all the knowledge in one single sheet". Sometime ago I did it with my "Roman architecture" lesson notes, and the result was huge. This time the subject is sailing: the goal is to fill all the school theory from wind names to gaits, directions, precedences, knots, boat parts, principles, codes, flags and rhum. Something like a bible-map for sailors: all the informations and concepts I can represent, explained and illustrated in the best possible way.

That's still a work in progress, but I extracted the core idea and transformed it in a wine label design for "Maestrale, Fattoria Mantellassi". The Mistral it's the main stronger wind in mediterranean sea. Reorientating the windrose to North East was enough to create a strong meaning with the wine name, together with all the other terms. The first-sight on the label is enough to remember the basic sailing principles. The typical scheme which every sailing teacher draws on the sand at the first sailing theory lesson, before getting to the sea.

The full infographic will be much more complex and detailed. Follow me or come back soon for updates.

For now you can see the printed label and the wine bottle stillife in the illustration section.