In the download section you can find the new 1.67 version for DanCarousel, an image rotator for Joomla 3. Quite a nice update, I rewrote the code making it simpler and lighter. Simpler, lighter, optimized and with a nice surprise: youtube thumbnailer for articles embedding.

What's new?

Code rewrite, now it's simpler and lighter: less files, less scripts, same functions, w3c validated.

Youtube thumbnail options: automatically use the still frame if you embed a video in the content article. So you can use it as a category video channel rotator.

Timthumb deprecated: the wonderful old cropping script has been declared died by the author himself. And this is good for security and for Seo. You know, those dirty php urls weren't the optimum... Now the images are cropped with divs and css3.

Seo optimizations: images slides are now rendered as backgrounds with css. As you may know, background are not seen by search engines. That's why I included a transparent img tag so images will be rendered inside the html dom elements. Besides, there are alts, titles and descriptions tags on every place needed.

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